The Logical Directory is independently run by LogicalJack, and has been set up to help promote independent and local businesses and their services. With years of experience in Internet Marketing and SEO I have set up this directory to ensure you reap all the possible benefits of this website.
We have added many local businesses already and have had excellent response rates from business owners.

We have split The Logical Directory into two main sections of content; the local business link directory, and the informative article directory.

With a growing index of over 600 pages, links and articles we are one of the fastest growing SEO-friendly directories. If you are a local business, then go over to our UK Link Directory and get your business added. You will see amazing benefits for your investment!

Our Link Directory

If you are looking at increasing your online presence then getting a free listing in our local business directory is an excellent starting point. With the free listings you will benefit from:

  • Guaranteed Approval with No Expiry
  • Direct Advertising Exposure
  • Increased Business/Website Authority

We work with all submissions to increase the quality of the listing and ensure the elements are configured to pass authority on to your business website.
We have also integrated many features into our paid listings which benefits both the users of the directory, and users of your business website.
For just £10 you can benefit from the following additional features:

  • Top positioning within your category
  • Google Map location of your business
  • Branding of your website listing
  • DoFollow links to your website – helps increase your website authority and search engine positioning
  • Adding your website to our Custom Site Search
  • ~400 word Article written about your business, listed in our Article Directory

We have tailored this package for small businesses to really get an advantage in their search engine rankings. If you are familiar with SEO then you will know the importance of DoFollow links to your website, they are Googles indication of how relevant a website is. This can be proved by simply searching for ‘click here’ in Google. As you can see the top result is Adobe Reader, if you look carefully they dont actually have the phrase ‘click here’ anywhere on their site, its all from inbound links to that page. This is a testament to how important links to your site are.

Our Article Directory

The other branch to The Logical Directory is our increasing database of informative articles. Our articles are distributed all over the web and draw thousands of visitors to the directory. Our article acceptance process is quite strict, we do this to ensure the published articles are informative, relevant and therefore helpful to the readers of the site. To become an author for The Logical Directory you will need to fill out our Author Registration Form. Once approved, we will grant access to our publishing platform. This will allow you to log in to our website where you can manage your settings, articles and media. When you have an article that you want to publish, at the click of a button it will be sent for approval. Your article will then be reviewed by a member of The Logical Directory, upon approval it will be published to the website.
We require all submitted articles to adhere to the following:

  • Quality unique and original written content of 400 words or more
  • 1 outbound link per 150 words
  • Content is informative and relevant to UK readers
  • Content is original and written by yourself
  • Articles contain no adverts or affiliate links

We allow DoFollow links in our articles, allowing authors to get extra exposure and increased authority of those sites they link to. This allows site owners to help improve their own websites online presence by publishing informative articles on our website.

We utilise this formula if you purchase a featured listing in our Link Directory, as we will write and publish a targeted article for you. We will write a contextually similar article to that of your website, we will then link keyphrases from within the article back to your website. This gives search engines such as Google an authoritative link using that keyword and your website, and when people use that phrase in their future searches, your website will appear higher in the results.


We try to publish as many articles as possible, however finding the time to write is getting rarer and rarer. Therefore enjoy what we have posted and Follow Us to keep updated. Why not help out and become a Guest Author?

The Logical Directory

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