Writing online articles to be published in an Article Directory is a smart way to promote your business and educate consumers. The articles published in an article directory are usually fairly short, between 500 and 1000 words, and each one gives readers more information about a product, company, or service. The articles that appear in an Article Directory are different than press releases which describe a specific event or product within your company. Article directory works are usually published online and read by people interested in a particular topic. There a number of benefits to having your work published in an article directory. If you are an expert in your industry, here are three reasons to consider writing pieces for an article directory:

  1. Become a trusted resource. Business people who write articles that are published in article directories quickly gain a reputation as being a trustworthy and knowledgeable source of information. No matter what service or product your company sells, there are people searching to find information about the things you already know. Writing pieces for an article directory gives you a chance to become an industry spokesperson, and can even lead to requests for interviews or opportunities to write for other publications.
  2. Bring traffic to your website. When you write an article for an article directory, you can include links to your website or information about your company. When people searching online for information about a product or service read your article, they will often go to your website to find out more. Written works published in article directories are among the best ways to drive traffic, often far more effective and less expensive than any other form of advertising.
  3. Improve search engine rankings. Today’s search engines are able to detect websites which contain real content, and those that are simply a garbled mess of keywords. Search engines also rank pages that are linked to by other sites higher than other pages. When you submit an article to an article directory, you can create links to your page that will help drive your search engine rankings better than any other method. You can also use the content you write on your own page, whether as a blog or just as site content, which will improve your rankings.

Once you have decided to submit articles to an article directory, the next step is deciding which directories you should choose. In the UK, there are five article directories that you should consider:

  1. Logical Directory – This site offers the unique combination of a local business directory and an article directory. Logical Directory is one of only a few sites that screen authors to encourage high-quality articles and working links.
  2. Article Depot – Somewhat of an article warehouse, Article Depot offers more than 100,000 articles that are grouped into categories so that they are easy to find.
  3. The UK Article Directory – If you want to publish general-knowledge type articles, this site offers a wide range of categories written by authors from a variety of backgrounds.
  4. Wordcat – This is an up-and-coming site that offers articles, images, and a “spinner” service that can help you quickly write multiple versions of an article for better keyword density.
  5. Flairmen UK (http://www.flairmen.co.uk/submit-article.php) This site offers articles that are of interest to men, including lifestyle and culture articles. Specialty “niche” sites such as Flairmen are growing in popularity.

Regardless of the site you choose to publish articles on, becoming an internet author is a smart way to expand your business and create a reputation for being a leader in your industry. Becoming an active writer in your field creates educated consumers who will look to you for advice on their purchases, which is a smart way to improve sales.
If you are interested in signing up as an Article Author for The Logical Directory then check our About page for guidelines and once you are ready head over to the Author Registration Form.

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