The health and beauty sector is a thriving and competitive industry, the beauty and personal care industry market value had it’s largest increase from the 2017 to 2018 fiscal year and shows no signs of slowing down. Of course, these statistics include beauty products aswell as services but it shows that this industry is lucrative and a great business opportunity if you know what you are doing.

First Things First 

When starting your own business, you do not want to rush into things blindly, you need to set out what you want to achieve. A business plan is a great way to do this, making assessments on where you want to be in the first year, the first three years and eventually the first 5 years. Your plan must be thorough, detailed and reviewed to make sure you are following it accurately. If you are going to be looking for an investment or perhaps a loan from the bank to start your business, your business plan is essential but also one of the best ways to help meet your targets. 


Making smart financial decisions is key to crafting a successful business, and heading into the hair and beauty industry is no different. If you start your business with a bad deal on a loan or high interest on another method of borrowing you are going to be in trouble down the line. Make sure you know ALL of the terms of a loan and that you will be able to meet the repayments. 

A bank account for your business is also an important thing to setup, you will have to keep an eye on charges for owning a business account, a lot of places offer 18 months of free banking but once that up keep an eye on your outgoings.

The government also offer schemes for loans with certain companies which will allow you free support and guidance if needed. 


If you have the freedom to open your business in any location, research is important. Finding out the towns or cities that spend the most on health and beauty or seeing which areas have the most hair and beauty shops could make the difference from a successful business to a business just treading water. There could be a massive difference between Weston hair and beauty and London hair and beauty, and that is why choosing your location is so important. 

Coming Up With A Name

Coming up with a name for your business can be a difficult task. You have to make sure that the name isn’t taken by other businesses and you need something that is both catchy and attractive. A bad name can definitely have an effect on your business, so make sure that you choose wisely.


When you are first starting your business, you want to begin with a small staff that you trust and believe you can have a working relationship with. Once your business starts making more money and you become happier financially, you can take the risk and increase more staff.

Pricing And Services

Your business plan should really cover exactly what services that your salon will offer, this would range from hair cuts, dyeing, nails, tanning, facials and more. Obviously what you would offer is up to whether your staff are trained and capable, but pricing is entirely up to you. Pricing will have to be in line and competetive with surrounding rival businesses in the local area, especially when you are starting out. If you set your prices incorrectly, you can end up alienating customers and damaging your business. Once you are established and show that your service quality is above standard, you can increase your prices to reflect this.

Starting your own business is difficult and not everybody is successful, but making the right choices is key to your success.




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