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Customised VW T5 TransporterYou may already be familiar with the T5 van, but if not then heres a little background information; The Volkswagen Transporter T5 range is the fifth generation range of medium sized Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The VW T5 range was first launched on October 6th, 2002 and fully replaced the fourth generation T4 Transporter range on April 25th, 2003. The range is produced in assembly factories in Germany, Poland and Indonesia. Currently, the T5 Transporter range is primarily marketed towards consumers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, France and Turkey. The United States does not currently receive the VW T5 range because the range is actually classified as a light truck which would add a 25% additional tax to all imported V5 Transporter vehicles.

The VW Transporter is available in over 100 different combinations. Each variant of the VW Transport has its own features, functions and customizations. There are numerous ways to customize a VW T5, including the official Volkswagen variants available for purchase and additional customizations which may be completed by third party organizations. The Transporter range is overall a popular choice for commercial consumers, and is frequently used for commercial use. However, the Campervan T5 variant is particularly popular among personal consumers.

The VW T5 Transporter Range

The VW T5 Transporter range is available in several basic variants. Each variant is often available with customizable features, such as raised roofs, additional windows, and more. The VW Transporter range can be classified in two days: delivery/cargo transportation and passenger/people transportation. The following are the basic VW T5 vehicles available.

Cargo transportation:

Transporter Panel Van: A delivery van with panel side doors. This model has no side windows and no rear seats.
Transporter Highroof Panel Van: A delivery van with panel side doors and a high raised roof. This model has no side windows and no rear seats.
Transporter Half-panel Van: A delivery fan with panel side doors. This model has two side windows in the front half of the van cargo area, and a row of rear seats which are removable.
Transporter Pick-up truck: A flatbed T5 truck. This model is also available with a wider bed for wider loads.
Transporter Double cab Pick-Up truck: A flatbed truck. This model has a double cab and two rows of seats for a total of six seats.
Transporter chassis Cab truck: A Transporter chassis. This model is also available with a double cab, or two rows of seats.
Transporter Sportsline panel van: A sleek version of the traditional panel van. This model, like the traditional panel van, is available with removable passenger seats and a raised roof.

People transportation:

Transporter Kombi: A Kombi, short for a Kombinationskraftwagen, or combination vehicle. A combination of a passenger and delivery vehicle. This model features side windows, removable passenger seats, and is available with a raised roof.
Transporter Sportline Kombi: A sleek version of the traditional Kombi. This model, like the traditional Kombi, is available with removable passenger seats and a raised roof.
Transporter Shuttle: A shuttle van with seating for up to eight adult passengers.
Transporter Caravelle: A larger shuttle van with seating for up to nine adult passengers.
Transporter Mutli-van: The top passenger transporting vehicle from the T5 range. This model is available with six or seven seats and features accessories such as tables and refrigerators.

VW Transporter Pricing

The pricing of a VW Transport vehicle typically depends on the type of vehicle, variant, and any customisation or special features included in the vehicle. The following are the basic prices for the vehicles in the VW T5 range, minus the VAT. Please note these are prices for a new Transporter, prices will be different for used VW T5 Transporters.

Transporter panel van: 16,960 and up.
Transporter Kombi: 19,140 and up.
Transporter chassis cab: 17,310 and up.
Transporter double cab: 19,360 and up.
Transporter Sportsline panel van: 28,460 and up.
Transporter Sportsline Kombi: 30,340 and up.
Transporter Shuttle: 27,014 and up.
Transporter Caravelle: 34,165 and up.

Customising a VW T5 Transporter

Converted Pop-Top T5 CampervanCustomising a VW Transporter vehicle can be done in several ways. Most official VW Transporter distributors offer customization and customized features directly, without the need for special ordering or third party venues. Basic customization often involves the addition or removal of certain features or accessories. Common customizable features include raised roofing, additional passenger seating, alloy wheels, the ability to fold or slide passenger seating for easy cargo transportation, the addition of media players or other entertainment systems, and the addition of luxuries such as refrigerators and tables. The pricing of customized accessories and features will vary depending on which VW Transporter purchased, as well as the particular customisation.

For example, the following are some of the customisable features for the basic VW Transporter panel van.

Front Spoiler in Candy White – £626.00 (including VAT)
Lowering springs, axle weight to 1,550kg – £240.00 (inc. VAT)
Front cab leather upholstery – £850.00 (including VAT)
BlueTooth Touch Phone kit – £155.00 (including VAT)
Full length dog guard – £366.00 (including VAT)
Pop-top Roof addition – £2,000 (plus VAT)

Third Party Customisation for VW Transporter Vans

Certain customisations, such as the conversion into campervans, need to be done via a third party. Many third party organizations which offer VW T5 customization are licensed Volkswagen distributors, although there are non-distributors who offer customization as well. If you are going to have your VW T5 customized or converted by a third party organization, it’s important that you research the reputation of the organization to ensure that you are not putting your vehicle in inexperienced hands. Third party customization pricing can vary depending on the business and the type of customization or camper conversion you are looking for. The upside to using a third party service for your customization is that you will have the option to compare pricing and services.

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