As summer approaches, thousands of people are gearing up for summer activities. Some started dieting to fit into their swimsuits, maybe visiting the tanning booth, as well. Others are getting out their fishing gear and priming the motors on boats. Other summer hobbies include lawn activities, such as croquet, lawn darts, or horseshoes. Outdoor entertaining is also popular, with sales of outdoor kitchen equipment skyrocketing. Gardening is, of course, always forefront as a summer hobby. However, one hobby you may not have ever considered is a water sport. No, it’s not water skiing, swimming, or jet skiing. It’s surfing. Surfing has become one of the most popular water sports in the UK, and with all of the beautiful coastline, it’s no wonder. This sport is no longer the solitary domain of kids and “beach bums.” Everyone from schoolchildren to grannies are learning to surf. Here are some great reasons to take up surfing as a summer holiday.



In the past, surfing equipment and terminology was a mystery to the uninitiated. All the average people knew was that surfboards are long and impossible to balance upon. But now, knowledgeable surfers will help to match individuals up with boards that they can manage.

The equipment is now one of the best features of this hobby. You need very little equipment to surf, and most of that can be rented. Most beaches these days have shops where employees will take your height into consideration to select the right surf board for you. The width of the board, as well as the length, will affect the ease with which you can paddle out into the surf and ride back.


Interestingly enough, you don’t have to be a buff athlete to be a surfer. Middle-aged adults and seniors have discovered that surfing is a great way to enjoy being outdoors. You do not have to “hang ten” to surf.

Surfing lessons Cornwall, available on most beaches, will teach you to choose the waves that are right for your ability. You’ll paddle out to the waves, and then just lie on the board and ride the wave back to shore. As your balance improves, you can gain altitude on the board, first on one knee, then two, then standing if you want.



Paddling out into the surf is the hardest part of surfing. It is an upper body workout, certainly. The rest, however, is balance. It’s a great whole body workout, and builds your core strength. This is especially important for more mature adults, who tend to have a weaker core as they age. Take it slowly, and just float back to shore at first. Balancing on the board follows, and makes you a stronger person both physically and mentally.

Even small children can surf, using a simple fun board. They learn balance and refine their gross motor skills, as well as strengthening the core muscles.

Surfing lessons and equipment are available on every UK beach, and highly affordable. This might be the best summer hobby, yet.

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