Being a big Trailer Park Boys fan, I came across a mention of ‘The Dicshitnary’ while listening to Ricky, Bubbles and Julian answer some questions via Youtube. Being intrigued I took to the web to find out exactly what it was, even though I knew I already wanted a copy.

The searches were not so fruitful, and I came across the retail website – John Dunsworth Dicshitnary

The site doesn’t really tell you much other than offering a small picture timeline of the books production. But what is it about?
I have finally received my copy of the Dicshitnary and am hopefully going to clear up some of the questions you may have and give you a little more insight into the book itself.

The Dicshitnary Book Cover

Initially I was surprised by how well written the book was. John is obviously a very literate wordsmith and poet, and this is clear throughout the book. I am pretty sure all the written words were provided John, including all definitions and poems. Think of picking up an Oxford English Dictionary, but it actually contains the words you want to find such as Shit Hawks and Shitapillar. Definitions are definitely as you would expect with the majority of entries containing accurate Latin or European citations.
The book itself is fairly small in size, allowing you to take it with you at all times (just in case you want to preach shit analogies to your neighbours). The book is obviously broken down into alphabetical sections, with around 6 entries per letter along with any illustrations. If you are ordering the Dicshitnary book yourself then make sure you take a look at the entries for S and W which are particularly special.

I did manage to get one of the first 1000 copies, and therefore mine was signed by John Dunsworth. I have snapped a couple of pictures to give you an idea of the book, I have limited this though as I wouldn’t want to give it all away.

If you have a copy then I would love to hear your comments

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