If you are not already aware of who the Trailer Park Boys are then shame on you. The Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary television series created by Mike Clattenburg, which focuses on the lives of three trailer park residents living in Nova Scotia. The series ran through seven seasons and had two feature length films released before it finished in 2007. Since then it seems that the main characters, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles have been searching for a way to make a bit of money through a live tour.

We managed to get a few snaps of the trio on stage, as well as a couple of videos as the pictures were just not doing the show the justice it deserved.

Out of all the people going, no one had a firm idea of what was going to be included in the night, all we knew was that Ricky, Julian and Bubbles would be there. It ran very similar format to a stand-up show with added features.
The recurring theme of the night was that Bubbles had come across an entry method into the next Jackie Chan movie, all he needed to do was make a short video to prove he had the skills.

What followed was a stroke of genius, out came the boys all dressed in their space gear, similar to their rocket launching attempts in Season 5. Bubbles had the idea of filming a mock-space launch on their portable camera in the hope that this would pass Jackie Chans screening. As you can see from the pictures, Bubbles had really gone all out on the production value.

There was no shortage on money-making schemes from the guys though as shortly after Julian was wheeling out a trolley of hotdogs to sell to the crowd. It actually went down¬†surprisingly¬†well with many people paying up to ¬£5 each. I say ‘up to’ as there was someone who tried paying near 50 pence and got shot down quite quickly.

The guys went on to perform a quiz show, dubbed ‘Are you smarter than a 1st grader?‘. From the outset Ricky was not confident with his skills, but was seemingly enthusiastic about his money making idea; opening a school.
Following the tragic outcome of Bubbles’ quiz show, we were enlightened with a selection of “facts” from¬†Ricky’s¬†book of learning which included:

“Who evr named ginni pigs r stupid. they taste pretti good but nothing like baccon”

We were then entertained by Julian showing a series of pictures he had caught of Ricky, in a dumpster, picking up puddle butts (the puddle had already cleaned them!). I managed to snap a couple of these shots so take a look at the gallery below for the pics, including one Ricky caught of Julian.

I think everyone would have been a little¬†disappointed¬†if there was no Randy or Lahey¬†appearance, however we weren’t kept waiting for too long until the guys set up a Skype conversation between everyone (crowd included) and Randy and Lahey based back in the legendary Sunnyvale Trailer Park. It truly was a moment to saviour, even with the whole auditorium joining together to wish the guys a big ‘Fuck Off!’.
We were also treated to some reenactments in an attempt to show the emotion Bubbles could add to the Jackie Chan movie. The performance was tainted by a pretty sub-par Cyrus impersonation but I dont think that was too much of a concern as it still had everyone in fits of laughter.
The last section of the perfomance was something I personally had been holding out for, Bubbles playing ‘Closer to the Heart’. We did only get treated to an introduction after Ricky¬†interrupted complaining about Bubbles singing voice. It was epic nonetheless, and I have the video to prove it.

Overall the show was a delightful step away from the stage shows, comedy stand-ups which you commonly get. I did really wonder how it was going to work, but it seemed Bubbles was the key piece to the show and tied it all together perfectly. I would have liked to have seen more inclusion from Julian and Ricky, but then again you would need their nemesis’ there; Lahey and Randy, as they very much play of each other.
If you get the opportunity to see this show, whether its in the UK or U.S then I would definitely recommend it.
I did manage to get some videos as well which I have uploaded to YouTube, you can view them here. Please note the audio quality is not that great on some of them.

And for those not aware, there is a new show from the team which you must watch –
“The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour”
I have also written a post about the new Jim Lahey book, The Dicshitnary

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