European style clothing has become more and more popular over the years and is now even more accessible through the use of online shopping stores such as Amazon, and specialist fashion retailers such as The Pink Rooster. In previous years you would typically buy all of your clothes on the high street, so fashion was limited to what was accessible in your area. If the shop didn’t stock it then you couldn’t purchase it.

However now, with the widespread availability of online shopping, fashion styles have changed dramatically over the last 10 years and we are seeing an increase of typical foreign fashion styles such as Danish styles or even European clothing.
Here we are going to look at the top 4 clothing brands which are in high demand, both online and in specialist high street fashion stores.


Sandwich Clothing

Launched in 1983, Sandwich has aimed their clothing range towards women who love dressing in style but who also want clothing that is built to last. Since their launch their brand has grown rapidly and is now selling clothing in 24 different countries spread over 4 continents…and many of these now retail online!

Often regarded as fashions big kept secret it would come as no surprise if you have never heard of the brand before, but I would be surprised if you didn’t recognise any of their clothing. Many of their items have been worn by celebrities and often appear in magazines and newspapers, but not because they are big brand name. Customers always find new clothes, styles and accessories on offer by Sandwich Clothing allowing them to repeat business without finding themselves buying the same clothes. Sandwich clothing often puts out new ranges and additions to their ranges depending on the seasonal fashion trends.

The latest season of Sandwich clothing is now available on the Pink Rooster store, including many pieces from the Sandwich Casuals range as well as the Sandwich Home and Sandwich Essentials ranges. Along with this Sandwich have now launched a range of accessories allowing you perfectly matching and complementary footwear, bags and jewellery to go along with your outfits.


Betty Barclay

Established in 1938, Betty Barclay started out in a textile factory in Mannheim, Germany. During and immediately after the war the factory was producing womens clothing for the local market, but by 1955 Max Berk was issued a license allowing him to distribute Betty Barclay clothing all across Europe…and by the spring the very first Betty Barclay collection was launched in the shops.

Betty Barclay may be relatively unknown to many retailers, but the brand has developed many collections which have gained worldwide popularity through television, films and even modelling. One example of this is the Vera Mont collection which was originally developed in 1961, a few years later in 1968 they also developed the Gil Bret brand which is famous for its coats, jackets and suits.

By 1972 Betty Barclay had a firm establishment in the fashion industry and was granted worldwide exclusivity allowing them to retail their unique brand beyond the scope of Europe. Even so the Betty Barclay brand continued to expand and by the 1980’s they were pioneering in complete womens clothing by combining brands and launching their first combination range. Nowadays the brand is known for its comfortable, fashionable and long-lasting range of Betty Barclay clothing as well as their range of fragrances. Betty Barclay has even been the official dressmaker to the German women’s Olympic team in the 2008 Summer Games in Peking.


Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ Clothing)

Known as the original retailer of slimming jeans, NYDJ specialise in a range of womens clothing that makes you look and feel a whole size smaller. With numerous mentions and reviews in the media, the brand has seen widespread popularity over recent years. Described as a whole new level of denim, the range of NYDJ clothing is available in many different styles and colours. One of the most popular styles is the super stretch denim leggings which can be paired with almost any outfit, giving a unique and stylish look while remaining comfortable!

Described as super slimming, stylish and flattering, the styling is modest but the fit is supportive and elegant. These jeans are very popular among women and mothers as they give a shapely fit and give you curves in all the right places!

With only a selection of retailers in the UK it is difficult to find a high-street store that will stock the brand. They are available in larger high street stores such as John Lewis, alternatively you will find them in the NYDJ clothing section of the Pink Rooster online store


Masai Clothing Collection

Based in Copenhagen, this fashion line is known for its contemporary style and Scandinavian elegance. Placed in the top 10 for contemporary womens wear in the UK the brand is becoming more and more popular in high-street stores and online retail. The casual clothing style has made a big impact on womens fashion over the last 10 years, with iconic designs incorporating tunics, tulip hems, bellow pockets, v-necks and cap sleeves. Using this wide combination of styles and cuts Masai Clothing gives a practical fit which compliments many ladies shapes while also allowing them easy movement and a high level of comfort.

Using quality fabrics and timeless cuts, Masai Clothing is not something you will wear and discard within the week. Their styles are typically reserved so stay in fashion for many years and with their hard wearing choice of fabrics the clothing will continue to look great!

There are many great deals to have on Masai clothing, especially if you are shopping abroad this summer. However we were browsing the collection of Masai Clothing at the Pink Rooster and came across some great sale items with massive reductions.

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