You can say Golf has had a somewhat shaky history, commonly associated with upper class snobbery golf was not very popular with the common man. Nowadays golf is not only played by the high society and seems to have experienced a boom with the public. Local clubs are reporting huge increases in memberships, online golf equipment and accessories stores are seeing similar gains in sales. There has been much question over the origin of this gain in popularity and why it is occurring now. One explanation for this is that the sports association with snobbery, seemingly originated from the Communist regime. After the fall of Eastern European and Southern American communism, the associated stigma is finally being forgotten.

Communisms ideology was very against the idea of the bourgeoisie and it seemed golf had become the associated sport for the enemy and the elite. Evidence for this was seen in Vietnam when Ho Chi Minh dismissed golf as a bourgeois sport and went on to ban it completely. However this thinking has overturned drastically after the disappearance of communism and there even sits a top golf course in Ho Chi Minh City.

If you have watched Sky recently then you may have also noticed the recent increase in media exposure shown to golf. Also not long ago we saw the first ever sport covered in 3D for domestic viewing, which coincidentally happened to be golf. This is a testament to how popular golf seems to be getting, and I myself have recently taken up the game. I can say for sure that in the majority it has lost its snobbery, and entering the sport is so much easier and as a community they have made me very welcome.

One uplifting image I did come across was of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara playing a round of golf, seen dressed in full military attire on the putting green.

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara - Golf

Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Playing Golf

This image did sum it up for me, showing the once objectifying Communist side coming together and playing a once stigmatised sport.

As with every other sport too we have seen increases in technology, gadgets and golfing accessories. You can easily get overwhelmed when buying golfing equipment if you don’t know the difference between your golf push and pull trolleys and your Motocaddy. There is a whole wealth of websites out there offering equipment, and the cheapest will not always give you a decent and quick service.

Online golf pro-shops offer a range of top golfing equipment, drivers and accessories to purchase online.

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