Performing an in car entertainment (ICE) installation is never a small job, when going to a professional garage this can quite easily run you into the thousands. There is however, many things which you can do yourself to keep costs down for your installation.

There is three main aspects to an in car build; the speakers, the components, and the wiring. Making sure you have the correct set of electrical components and speakers is a very important part. As the head unit is the source of all your audio, if this source gives out poor
quality signals then it you will not get the best performance out of your equipment. Nowadays fitting the head unit can be one of the most problematic installations as trying to get a polished finished is very hard. This is why it’s always best to get a fascia panel adaptor as
this takes the majority of headache out of the equation when fitting your car stereo.

When picking a car stereo the main consideration to consider is it’s functionality. Through the use of fascia adaptors and wiring adaptors you can pretty fit pretty much all head units into your dash. The most common use for a car stereo is to play CDs, if that’s all you require then you can pick up a fairly cheap, good quality stereo. However, it gets more complicated once your needs increase. If you are going to be putting in amps, then you need to make sure your headunit has pre-outs. Depending on how many amps you want, you may need up to 3 sets of pre-amps to connect them all. If you are looking for having a multifunctional car stereo then it’s good to have many inputs, allowing you to connect iPods, USB drives, mp3 players and much more.

Fascia panel adaptors can be hard to come by, which is why it is essential to find a good stockist who will ensure you pick the correct one the first time. Autoleads and Connect2 are the most common names when it comes to finding car stereo adaptors. Many adaptors are fitted in the stock bay which is left by the manufacturer, then the new adaptor will allow your new car stereo to fit comfortably to ensure a safe and secure fit. Many car fascias are single-din with the larger cars, people carriers and land rovers coming with double-din units for car stereo panel adaptors, evidence for this is shown in the newest products available such as the Vauxhall Fascia Panel Adaptors. You can still find adaptors to suit this purpose, still retaining use of a screen for visual displays or satellite navigation.

Getting good advice when buying your components is key, and will allow you to keep costs down and make sure you are buying the right car stereo equipment the first time round. You can spend a lot of time trawling the internet otherwise looking for information and advice on what to buy. Alternatively you would rely on advice of vendors who are notorious for selling you the most expensive piece of kit going.

If buying online then I would definitely recommend first stopping off at In Car Music to check out their range of Car Stereos, Fascia Panel Adaptors and Phone Kits.

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